End of 2nd Traveling Report, some more information about hmt

hmt Watches is a division of "Hindustan Machinery and Tools" and is located in Bangalore, about 1.5 hours flight South East of Bombay pretty much in the middle of the Subcontinent. I have heard from my colleagues in Bangalore that hmt is obviously pushing their employees to retire early and that the days of producing hmt Watches might be over very soon. Interestingly most Indian's I have met wear quartz watches and if they are not collectors, they believe that a TITAN (a division of the almighty TATA group) quartz watch is by far cooler then a mechanical hmt with 70ies looks. There are quite a lot of hmt quartz watches available to, but TITAN's superiour design and primarily its large marketing budget have driven hmt almost completely out of the market. I was told that hmt was the best and only watch company in India 20 years ago. What a pity that it should close so soon. It reminds me of the many sad stories in Switzerland in the late 70ies when the quartz tidal wave crushed so many traditional watch businesses and brands. Please also read Paul Delury's interesting paragraph about hmt. In his article "Something a Little Different" you will not only find nice pictures of another handwind hmt model (Janata), but also additional information about the history of hmt.

By now you know it is my favorite on my wrist below, the "Rajat" As true WIS, you will however not have any problems understanding this kind of enthusiasm.

Thank you for reading so far, it has been a pleasure discussing my impressions and trophies of my 2nd watch hunting trip to Bombay. Of course I had been there many times before, but never was I so successful.

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok December 19th, 2003

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