...was a positive surprise and looked better then many dials of watches for USD 200 to 500 I have seen. No filing marks, no ugly production marks. Just look now neatly the legs of the hmt logo are secured (magnified area). This is really a watch that is worth its money! What a pity that the industrial conglomerate "Hindustan Machinery and Tools (hmt)" setup by the British Colonial Government to quickly improve the country's infrastructure is going out of the watch business now. A realy pity because those hmt watches were the first Indian watch company once and have been pushed out of the market by quartz watches, mainly from Titan who is obviously spending a lot of money for advertising.
hmt watches are today considered "Poor Man's" watches in India. If you can afford a Quartz watch - and the necessity to buy a battery every now and then - you are considered better off. That is quite different to the opinion you find in richer economies where the quartz revolution was reversed by a unstoppable mechanical renaissance.
The enlarged section of the picture shows the brass rivets of the hmt logo. It is very nice to see this kind of quality attachment on a very inexpensive watch. A lot better then tiny logo feet glued on the dial back. Such a logo is very likely to fall off should the watch receive a blow after a couple of years in use.

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Picture added July 2004