Driver Salim told me that the prices for laundry where - the Indian Rupee was at 45 to the USD at the time of the travel:

ca. 10 INR or 22 cents for shirt including pressing and starch
ca. 10 to 15 INR for a pair of trousers
ca. 15 INR for a e.g. driver's uniform

Hm, why does the Oberoi charge INR 150 for a pair of trousers? Just kidding, of course for the same reason you will have to pay up to 10 times of your phone costs when calling from your hotel room. I remember having read about a traveler that tried to connect to his internet account from a hotel and due to some technical problems had to call many times and left with a local call bill of USD 300 to 400!
Back to India and to Bombay and to the picture below. Please find that young man wearing a light blue shirt, because I will try to explain HOW the laundry is processed here on the next pictures.

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