I called this bridge the "laundry bridge" for the following days and Salim liked this name, because he always smiled when I said the new name. To the left you see the railroad tracks leaving Bombay's Maha Lakshma Station to the North. Indian has of course inherited the British railroad system where different lines start at different main stations. This line's origin is most likely the Church Station near the bay that gave Bombay its name.
What I saw when looking from the bridge reminded me immediately of a view of Northern Africa. A site on a hill near Marrakech where "les tanneurs" (same word as in tan, sun tan, worksmen that dye and color leather) and their barrels made for an unforgettable memory. Here in Bombay, that acid smell was of course missing, this was dominantly a huge washing factory although the bright red cloths in the background suggest, some dying was also done here.
I was fascinated and took a couple of pictures more of this most interesting work place.

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