After two coaches managed to cross in the bottle neck of the U-turn under the flyover bridge, we were finally on the correct side of the Dr. Ambedkar Street. I still had doubts, there were so many shops and I did not have a street number. Then I suddenly spotted two watch shops. In India like in China, similar businesses often cluster as opposed to Europe where one seeks a safe distance from the immediate competitors.
The young man holding his head seems to think "Oh my god, a lost foreigner" I doubt many Westerners come here for watch shopping. After a short while we found our target watch shop that me reliable Bombay watch guide had jotted down in a handwriting that would honor every MD. But the information was immaculate, we found the shop in less then 5 minutes, it was really very close to the Dadar fire station. Thank you once more Xerxes!
Please also note the blue and yellow Sonata advertising, I will refer to it on the next page.

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