Now we are on the middle of the "Crossroads" or the Hajiali Chowk (intersection, in Bombay dialect "Proper Hajiali"). I have never seen fewer people on this intersection, so I consider this a very lucky shot.

If I were in India for pleasure, I would have sure tried to take a picture of the Hajiali Juice Center with thousands of customers. I am not exaggerating. We arrived in Bombay on the last day of Ramadan and you can not imagine, how many pilgrims populated that crossing on the following public holiday and the days after. I have never managed to get a good shot of the beautifully lit Hajiali Mosque that can be reached via a small peer starting right behind this shop. The mosque is about 1 km off the main road and makes for stunning views with the immaculately white painted walls, another contrast from Bombay where facades normally look like on the "Day After". The climate here is very tough, very humid, very salty air and I still remember my shock when arriving at the Oberoi for the first time. This is my 5 stars hotel? Of course inside it was beautiful and if you want to have a look at it, please go to the first Bombay travel report.

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