Modern India is full of contrasts. Of course you will contrasts in any society, but I doubt that you will find so many polarities on any other subcontinent. I had noticed during this trip, that most outdoor advertising was now printed. We had spotted only one poster painter and we were very impressed with how quickly this skilled worker wrote 15 inch tall letters. It took him less then half a minute to write "TEL" below a company's name.
Here is one of those ubiquitous cigarette ads. Wills Classic - they taste great, thanks to heavy workload and long working hours I manage to exhaust my imported Dunhill reserve before the trip was over - and Four Square posters are everywhere in Bombay. Besides that ads for movies, financial services and cars. 

Richard Geere was in Bombay too while we were there. We never met him, but interestingly we staid in the same hotel before in Taipei, Taiwan. But this time it was not about the "Tibetian Cause and his photo gallery" but about the "World Aids Day 1st of December". In only a couple of years the Indian Government made a smart move. Today the poor are being educated and warned about the dangers of Aids. And due to the sticky traffic, I had the time to read the "Times of India" every morning and observed that there was a heated discussion going on about how much skin cable TV stations are allowed to offer.

This was a campaign I really liked, not only because of the sexy girl spraying water on her boyfriend because that guy holding the fourth square is driving by. They had many posters based on the same theme and I found this posters exceptionally well made compared to other Indian outdoor graphics. And that the old woman trying to cross the congested road was in this picture, was pure luck. I was again very disappointed with the capability of my Nikon Coolpix 995 to shot quickly. Once you have shot a digital SLR, there is no way back to those slow digital cameras I guess, at least outdoors. But of course, I still love my Coolpix for the great macro capabilities.

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