Mumbai (Bombay) 2nd Trip Travel Report
Not a watch hunting trip per se but the moving of the old office of my customer to a new location

Dear Watch Friends

I have prepared the 2nd Bombay Travel Report chronologically. First you will be driving with us from the Oberoi hotel to my customer's new office located in between the India Turf Club and the Willingdon Golf Course. Since our schedule was so tight, I did not have the chance to go on picture hunts during the day. So you will see what we saw, the view out of the moving car on the way to work.

A second part of the report - also mainly shot out of the car - will be my short excursion to a watch shop in Dadar, Bombay. You will see some more street impressions and of course the watches I was able to purchase.

The third and last part will show 3 selected representative hmt (Hindustan Machine Tools) watches photographed back home in Bangkok. As always, keep clicking on the pictures to proceed reading or click on any of the thumbnails below to jump to a specific page.

In May 2008 I received a nice feedback letter from Hemi who received a Tarun watch from his father for his 7th birthday in 1971. Hemi suggests that the hmt watches in this report are from the 70ies or late 60ies. Thank you very much for this additional information Hemi!

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok, December 19th, 2003

PS In September 2011 I created a hmt Table listing all the watches including their dimensions and weights.

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Part One: Impressions from the Streets of Bombay

View from Old Office

Our Driver and Teacher Salim

Nice Facade

India is full of Contrasts

Typical Street Shops

Hajiali Crossroads

A Group of female Pedestrians

The India Turf Club ...

.. and its less glamorous Neighborhood

The Willingdon Golf Course
Part Two: The Watch Hunting Afternoon

Huge Laundry near Maha Lakshmi Station

Another View

A Laundry Worker in Action


A nice serene Scene in the middle of the bustling Streets

Saree Shops in Dadar

Preparing for a Long Haul

Dr. Ambedkar Street

My hmt Watch Shop in Dadar: Kamdar & Kamdar

The hmt Boxes

The first half of the hmt Watches

The second Batch

Traveling back home
Part Three: Rajat, Dipti and Pankaj - Three selected hmt Models in Details

Dipti, Pankaj and Rajat

The Photo Stage

Dipti Handwind

From the Side

The Back

The Movement

Pankaj Handwind

The Back with a nice Inscription

The lucky Picture of the Movement

Pankaj on the Wrist

The Tarun Cricket ball series (same movment as in Pankaj) is here
Added July 2004
Movt removed - 2 Pics
Added July 2004
Movement Dial Side
Added July 2004
Dial Removed
Added July 2004
Dial under side
Added July 2004
The empty Case
These inside pictures of the watch have been added later in July 2004

Rajat Automatic: The Full View

From the Side

The nice Back

The 21 Jewel Movement

The signed hmt Clasp

hmt "Rajat" on the Wrist -
A truly Happy Ending!

Appendix I for Adam in NYC, the Indian God Ganesh on the hmt Model "Akash"
Appendix II - I almost spilled my milk tea when the friendly hmt General Agent came back from his storage room with this one! A RADO Diastar homage "Made in India". Just shows what kind of a global winner RADO produced back then. Last but not least, I would like to thank Xerxes who gave me the directions to the General hmt Agent. Plus a heartfelt "Thank You!" goes to the staff of the hmt store. They patiently pulled out a lot of watches from their inventory upstairs and on top of that, I got to drink a nice milk tea. It's these memories that will add a lot to the joy of owning these hmt vintage mechanical watches.