Watch Hunting in Bangkok: Jatujak Weekend Market Bangkok, July 7th 2002
Part II/II

At the same booth, well booth is a bit exaggerated, because those stalls are rather just a flat table or some wooden planks on the side walks, we spotted a Seiko Ladies' Diver with an interesting movement: a 17 Jewel Hi-Beat movement 2205:

Looks like I have some use for Crystal Clear again too ... but I guess the bezel is in good condition, it is either a genius coating or the person was actually quite careful wearing it

The watch certainly got some beating in his previous life, but it found a safe home now :-)

The diameter of the watch excluding crown is ca. 29 mm and the height is 11 mm

But now it is time to have a glance at that 2205 Hi-Beat movement that ticks 8 times per second, giving it a frequence of 28'800 Hz. The great thing with having the Hi-Beat in such small watch is, that the second hand really seems to sweep around, almost like on a tuning-fork watch.

The movement is surprisingly clean and it the screws look untouched

Also on the picture above, you will notice that the little rotor is thick

A look at the balance wheel with the shock protection, left you can see the first 3 digits of the movement number 2205

The case back, from the serial number it is most likely manufactured in June (second 6) 1976 (first 6), as always with Seiko serial numbers, you have to guess the decade

After those rather unexpected finds at the Saphan Kwai "junk" section, we walked towards the Sky train station, Tommy had yet another watch related meeting and did not seemed to be tired at all, despite coming to Jatujak directly from the airport. On the way to the station our friend Khun Bud bought a digital clock for THB 35 (83 cents) with a large display and I bought 4 electro motors for THB 50! That is ca. 30 cents per motor. I will not use them to build a watch winder, but I always liked to build my own toys with electro motors and thus my daughter gets a hopefully a bit of that technical flair along the way too.
Then we stood in the freezing cold air-conditioning of the Sky train and of course we could not resist to have a look at our treasures again, much to the entertaining of some of the other passengers. Since that trains end-station is the Jatujak market, they could easily figure, where he had been "shopping". It had been a real nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Best regards

Reto, July 7th, 2002, Bangkok

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