My "Watch" Loupes

Various "Watch" Loupes
Thread Counter 11x and Magnifying Glass
3x with 6x inset
Loupe of Watchmaker's Knife
ca. 10 x (Wenger does not tell)
Watchmaker's Loupe Nr.3 (3.3 x)
on adjustable head wire
Collector's or Jeweler's pocket loupe
10 x

Here you find some of the loupes that I am using. Since I have created this page a lot more loupes have found their way into my workshop. It's the aging eyes that require better magnification and brighter light. The most expensive addition to my "magnification" tools was this Eschenbach 20 x / 40 x stereoscope that I have purchased in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Besides making watch work a lot easier, it is constantly used in our household. Did you ever look at the hairs on a mosquito leg? We live in a zone where some mosquitoes still carry dangerous diseases and therefore study them was another good reason to get that stereoscope.

For pure movement inspection (e.g. at the flea market), a 10 x magnification is a good choice. If you really want to get close, an additional 15 x Jeweler's loupe in your pocket might help you find damaged parts in a movement. Last but not least, if you plan to buy watches in the late afternoon or visit a night market (we have a couple of popular night markets here in Bangkok) then bring a good torch light too. And if the sellers are afraid of good light, then you should probably walk to the next booth.

Number of Loupe Magnification
1 10 x
1.5 6.6 x
2 5 x
2.5 4 x
3 3.3 x
4 2.5 x
5 2 x
6 1.6 x
7 1.4 x
8 1.25 x