WEST (Cigarette brand) Digital Sports Watch

WEST (German Cigarette brand) promotional digital sports watch
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Just a promotional cigarette watch?
Maybe so, but it makes for a great sports companion. This has become my favorite sports watch. It sits so well thanks to the flat case back and the wide case. The EL backlights seems to have some problem, nothing I could have fixed on the board. I had a close look when changing the battery. Also, it is running a bit slow. Rare for quartz watches. Those are already all the short comings.

The watch has a great intuitive interface, setting is really easy. And the function list is not bad at all!

1) Main time with date
2) Alarm plus hourly chime
3) Dual Time (setting free possible, thus it covers India if necessary)
4) Timer
5) Stopwatch

And it has a big and very easy to read display. It might just be a promotional item, but it makes for a surprisingly versatile watch and really great sports and shooting companion.