Watch for Sale: Orient Barrel Day-Date Blue CEVAA004DY
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Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
A great Tonneau (Barrel) Day-Date with exploding Numerals and a great textured Blue Dial
Discrete Day indication at 12, exploding beautiful Arab Numerals, very heavy and sold link bracelet! Orient in-house movement Cal. EVAA. Great clasp with very solid spring loaded double pushers.


Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Orient overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
Original Orient box as in picture below, no papers
Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is brand new in box BNIB
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy: Please
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Dimensions (mm):
Case height: 37 mm (measured from endlink to endlink)
Case width ( 34 mm
Lug to Lug: 44 mm
Height: 13
Lug width: 19
Bracelet tapered 19 mm to 18 mm
Weight: 120 grams

The Box supplied with these watches - Original ORIENT box

Also looks good on a female 13.5 cm or 5.25 inch wrist

User Manual for EVAA:

The watch is non-winding, that means you best sway the watch in ca. 8 inch circles for about a minute, that will wind the watch sufficiently so it can be worn. During the wearing, the watch will gradually wind itself further, after wearing the watch for about 24 hours it should be fully wound. This of course depends on your level of physical activity during this time. Do not shake the watch or hammer it against the palm of your other hand please, mechanical watches do not like to be shaken

For the setting of your watch best follow the sequence below:

Setting the Day and Date
Pull the crown out
2) Turn the crown to move the hour hand over midnight to select the correct Day of the Week.
3) Use the button at 2 o'clock to set the correct Date
4) Leave the crown out to proceed with Time Setting or push it back in if done.
Due to the use of the quick set button for setting the date, there is no restriction as commonly found on automatic calendar watches regarding not to set the date during the hours near midnight.

Setting the Time
The watch is non-hacking. That means if you pull out the crown to the first position, the second hand will not stop. However by applying a slight backward pressure - remember, I said slight - the second hand will most likely slow down or stop. This is the same trick often used also for the many Seiko models using the caliber 7S26 and the same method can be used to "hack" most of the non-hacking watches.
1) Pull the crown out
2) Turn the crown clock-wise to advance the time to the desired time
3) Since you have just set the correct Day of the week, you will know whether your watch is now displaying e.g. 8 AM or 8 PM. If you are setting the watch while being in PM hours, simply advance the hour hands for another 12 hours.
4) Push the crown back in and you are done

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