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Original SEIKO "Super Oyster" bracelet 22 mm for most CLASSIC SEIKO DIVER's
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
After 2002 SEIKO had upgraded their Oyster bracelets to the "Super Oyster" bracelets which are thicker and heavier. Please note that this bracelet does NOT CONTAIN the Diver's extensions. Most of our customers are "desktop divers" and prefer this style Oyster bracelet without the (slightly bulky) diver's extension under the clasp. The bracelet uses split pins!

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the SEIKO Bracelets overview table for the price please.
: Original SEIKO bracelet

Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Bracelets are brand new and are original SEIKO spare parts, this bracelet uses split pins (see bottom of page)
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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The shine comes from the factory plastic wrapping - the bracelet has a satin brush
Double push button clasp, safety flip-lock

Please note, there is no diver's extension hidden in the clasp - most customers have asked for this oyster style WITHOUT the diver's extensions. It is the same bracelet SEIKO uses on many of their factory 200 m models

A side shot from the Super Oyster showing the SPLIT PINS. Although they look a bit like screwed pins in this close up, those are split pins without collars that slide out using a pin pusher or the clever resizing tool. See the next pictures.

For a tutorial about resizing SPLIT PIN bracelets, go here (opens new window)
 If you are familiar with resizing split pin bracelets, look at the tools below that might make your resizing easier.
I wish I had found the clever bracelet sizing tool 20 years earlier, it would have saved me soar fingertips and broken fingernails

Please note that these SEIKO bracelets use split pin that you could either remove using this pin pusher and the HOROTEC bracelet holder or (see below)

The clever bracelet sizing tool is equally suitable to resize these SEIKO Super Oyster and Jubilee bracelets
(the pictures shows a Sandoz Hong Kong solid links Oyster style bracelet which has similar split pins)