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Clever HOROTEC PVC Nylon Bracelet Holder
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This is not the A&F tool, but a very similar tool that does the job as well!

Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
High quality HOROTEC Swiss PVC Nylon bracelet holder that also serves as a great MULTIPURPOSE MINI VICE for a variety of watch related works or for any precision work where you might need a mini vice! The HOROTEC Bracelet holder can also be inserted into a big mechanics vice thanks to its square shape!

In order to get  you started using this tool right away, we include a FREE Stainless Steel Pin Pusher with 1.0 mm steel tip matching most link holes!

You will need this bracelet holder for bracelet pins that are stuck and that can not be removed with either the "Clever Bracelet Sizing tool" or the "Bracelet Sizing Pliers". For really firm sitting split pins, you will need a pin pusher and a watchmaker hammer and carefully hammer the pins out of the link holes of the bracelet.


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Length x Width x Height: 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.95 inch or 3.75 x 3.5 x 2.4 cm
Weight: 50 grams
Material: PVC Nylon

The HOROTEC bracelet holder makes bracelet sizing a pleasure. A safe firm fixation for any bracelet. The PVC Nylon surface makes sure your bracelet will not show any signs of having been in a "vice"

You over pushed the split pins, they are too deep in the holes? No problem, just use the holder and the pin pusher to push them a bit down

We include this FREE Stainless Steel Pin Pusher below with stainless steel tips (1.0 mm diameter matching most pin holes).
So you can get started using this versatile HOROTEC bracelet holder right away!

If you want to buy the pin pusher as a single item, please click here

This is a very sturdy PVC Nylon bracelet holder. Besides holding bracelet, this will serve you as a great MULTIPURPOSE MINI VICE! You could also insert the HOROTEC bracelet holder into your bigger mechanic's vice if you do work that requires a vice that does not scratch objects