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Sanding Rubber with Diamond Dust
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
Does absolute wonders to remove hairlines and scratches from clasps, bracelets and cases with SATIN BRUSHED FINISHES!
Lately I discovered that the MAGIC SPONGE does real wonders removing RUST and OXIDATION STAINS from e.g. vintage watches etc. I discovered a bit of superficial rust on a link of my ZENITH PORT ROYAL CHRONOGRAPH (click to jump to picture below) and it took merely a minute to get rid of it without leaving any traces. It works a lot easier then liquid rust remover and is a lot easier on your skin too. Gently brush off all kind of stains in seconds and enjoy the renewed looks of your beauties!

Always test polishing tools on hidden surfaces. Always check after a first try with a big magnification. And for satin brushed surfaces, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE EXISTING LINES OF THE POLISH! DO NOT USE THIS TOOL FOR HIGH GLOSS SURFACES.


Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Watch Polishing Table for the price please.
Made in Japan
Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Factory new
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Dimensions (mm):

Width 40
Length 65
Height 9

Weight ca. 35 grams

You can use the corner or tip of the rubber to remove very small and local hairlines and scratches or you can simply press the whole rubber onto the bracelet and follow the liner polishing of the satin brushed surface.

I had put a really visible scratch into the clasp of my TRASER. After ca. 2 minutes of careful and LINEAR polishing following the lines of the existing satin brush, the clasp looked like factory new again! The MAGIC SPONGE REALLY DOES WONDERS!

I found some superficial rust and oxidation stains on one link near the butterfly clasp of this ZENITH PORT ROYAL chronograph. At first I was thinking of liquid rust remover. Then I was thinking that the liquid might enter the pin holes and start eating my link pins. Liquid rust remover has always to be rinsed COMPLETELY away within 2 minutes. Otherwise the aggressive liquid will continue to "consume" metal.
Then I remembered that I had the MAGIC SPONGE handy! Without removing that link, I folded the bracelet and gently brushed off the stains. It took me less then a minute and the link shines like it just left the factory. Thus I decided to add the information about this great additional purpose of the MAGIC SPONGE. A soft and very efficient rust remover!