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RUBIS of Switzerland rubber-tipped tweezers for batteries 49-SA
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
The must have tweezers for laymen and watchmaking professionals. If you occasionally change the batteries of quartz watches or if you occasionally "tinker" with your watches, then a pair of rubber-tipped tweezers will sure come handy. I often use my rubber-tipped RUBIS tweezers instead of brass or steel tweezers. I do not have the same practice as a trained watchmaker and thus my motorics are not as automated. Thus whenever I think there is a risk of e.g. scratching a wheel of a nice watch movement, I will use the rubber-tipped RUBIS tweezers.

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Miscellanous Tools page for the price please.
: Made in
Switzerland, material: stainless steel, rubber tips
Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Factory new tweezers
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