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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
"Re-direct" your watch passion to the fascinating interior of watches! Go one level further from simply swapping straps and discuss dial colors and new models on watch forums. Take this additional small step and become a "hobbyist watchmaker". It is not only the great satisfaction from your watch work, it is also the fact, that once you start working on watch movements, you will understand them a lot better and are able to diagnose errors more proficiently! The PMWC Starter Kit is designed to help you make this first step towards a more in depth watch love!

"Watch Works" section of Reto's Watch Collection (RWC):
here you find a lot of hints and tips on how to use these and other tools!

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the PMWC Watch Tool Starter Kit Overview Table for the price please.
: Made in Taiwan, China, Japan and Switzerland

Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: All components of set are new and unused. We do not sell single components.
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An Overview of what is in the Starter Kit
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The PMWC pouch!

The tweezers

The watchmaker's loupe

The watchmaker's knife (1 knife in the set, the small inset just for comparison)

The pocket case back opener

New and Free! A China Made Case Opener for almost all scewed backs produced today. Please find a full description of this item here. This opener is also for sale on PMWC at USD 11.00 plus shipping. In order to complete our starter kit with a more reliable opener, we decided to include it in our set at no additional cost!

The spring bar fork tool

The bracelet sizing kit

The watchmaker's hammer - this is a fantastic and ideal tool to drive bracelet pins back into the bracelet! Simply use the white end and confidently hammer until the pin is leveled with the bracelet. The WHITE hard plastic end of this clever hammer will prevent resizing marks

The watchmaker's screwdrivers
All for USD 79 only! The total weight of the set is 350 grams
You decide how we ship: USD 12 flat rate to the world using REGISTERED AIRMAIL, 7 to 10 business days delivery
USD 20 (to the USA) using SPEEDPOST insured and traceable shipping. 3 to 5 days delivery

Here are is the content of the watch tool kit in more detail:

Quality watchmaker's tweezers Nr. 3

Watchmaker's loupe Nr. 3 1/2 (= magnification factor 3) is the preferred type for most watchmakers - dust is not included :)

Swiss Made "Wenger" Watchmaker's knife with two blades, here the regular watch blade shown. Also a great tool to open pocket watches on the flea market etc. The small picture shows the identical knife that WENGER makes for the famous BERGEON Swiss Watchmaking Toolmaker! The tool kit contains the blue original WENGER knife, the Bergeon is known for comparison only! The knives are identical!
For some watch backs, you might want to use the sharp blade. I however recommend that if you are planning to use the sharp blade to open watches, that you use a "wet stone" or a bit of sand paper and "unsharpen" the blade first. Never attempt to use the sharp blade as it is found on this knife to open watch backs. If you slip, you will badly cut your fingers. I have "unsharpened" the longer blade with a wet stone (Arkansas stone) and use the longer blade for case backs with very little grooves. Always start with the short blade first and only use the longer blade if the shorter blade can not grip in that groove.

Since most people most likely will upgrade their watch opener, I decided to include a watch opener for screwed watch backs, that you will never replace but maybe even carry with you most of the time. Some people say this opener is not easy to use. Yes, if a case back really sits tight, NONE of the handheld watch case openers is really easy to use. If a case back sits very tight and does not budge go and see the watchmaker to help you open it. Save yourself the frustration of scratching the case back!

If you follow this simple rule, this little opener will become one of your favorite openers while traveling, visiting flea markets (some time sellers pretend they do not have an opener to show you the inside of watch, but then you should run away anyway) and of course for home use.
If you observe this rule, this little pocket opener will serve you faithfully and reliably. Once more If a case back sits very tight and does not budge go and see the watchmaker to help you open it. Save yourself the frustration of scratching the case back!

Please find a full description of this item at this link. We have added this China Made Case Opener in Summer 2005 at no additional cost to complement the Starter Kit in a way, that you really can start opening almost any watches without much risk of scratching them. I like the pocket watch opener very much, but the pocket case opener above, requires a bit more skills to open tighter sitting case backs. The opener with the big black plastic handles is definitely a lot easier to use for beginners and that is why we decided to add it to our PMWC Starter Kit at no additional cost. Our Starter Kit should really be able to "KICK START" you into doing simple watch works yourself. My journey into watchmaking was so exciting and has given me so much satisfaction that I decided to create this starter kit. The journey to the inside of watches has also intensified the passion for watches immensely. While I was looking at features and functions before, I am now much more interested in movements.

A must have tool to remove bracelets and straps: the little fork allows you to safely grip the shoulder on the spring bar and then remove it out from its position between the lugs.

A professional kit to resize bracelets: with a block to safely position the bracelet, with two pin pushers with thicker and thinner pin heads plus all the spare bits in the picture.

The bracelet resizing kit above is a complement to our  "Clever Bracelet Sizing Tool" which is ideal if pins sit not too tight. For very tight sitting pins, it is much safer to use the resizing block and the pin pushers

"Japan Made" high quality Watchmaking hammer with one hard and one softer end. Use the black end to drive the pin pushers of the bracelet sizing kit, use the white end to replace the pins safely and without any scratches

The 3 most common sizes of high-quality Watchmaking screwdrivers

The zip-locked plastic PMWC pouch is part of this exciting starter kit! The pouch's
dimensions are W x H x D: 9 x 5 x 2 inches or 22.5 x 12.5 x 5 cm.
You can of course use the water resistant zip-locked pouch to store other things then your watch tools!

And this is the entire set as it will be shipped to you. It is your choice of having it shipped within 8 to 10 business days using REGISTERED AIRMAIL USD 12 or within 3 to 5 business days with SPEEDPOST INSURED AND TRACEABLE for USD 20 (to the USA, other countries here)