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PWMC Watch Tool Starter Kit

As long as stock lasts - IN STOCK

You asked for this many times, we listened! Here it is:

Start your journey to the inside of the watches! The kit contains all tools to allow you to:
1) resize, remove, change straps and bracelets easily and without making scratches!
2) open screwed and snap-on (quartz watches) case backs
3) perform MANY basic watch works - like regulating a watch to better accuracy* (see note below)

Please click on the thumbnail to see all tools in details! We have put together this tool with the help of the largest watch tool shop in Hong Kong and our watch maker! This is a basic watch tool that allows you to perform basic watch works! Please start practising with an inexpensive watch movement in your collection. Or buy an inexpensive watch on the flea market to start with! PMWC can and will not take any responsibility for any damages occurred to your watch using the "PMWC Watch Tool Starter Kit" nor following the instructions in the "Watch Works" section of Reto's Watch Collection (RWC).


The PMWC STARTER KIT contains:
  1. one pair of watchmaker's tweezers Nr. 3 (Made in Taiwan") to handle all small parts
  2. a watchmaker's loupe Nr. 3.5 (3 times magnification)
  3. a complete watchmaker's bracelet sizing kit with punching block and different tool tips including
  4. a high quality "Japan Made" watchmaking hammer to easily drive out stuck pins where the clever bracelet sizing tool's tips are prone to crack
  5. a pocket watch opener for screwed case backs (Made in China) for your Flea Market visits or travels!
  6. New and FREE! A China Made case opener that opens most screwed case backs easily
  7. a spring bar fork (Made in China)
  8. one  watchmaker's precision screwdriver 0.6 mm (Made in Taiwan)
  9. one watchmaker's precision screwdriver 1.0 mm (Made in Taiwan)
  10. one watchmaker's precision screwdriver 1.2 mm (Made in Taiwan)
  11. a "Swiss Made" Wenger watchmaker's knife to open snap-on cases of quartz watches with two blades, a sharp cutting blade and a specially shaped blade to open snap-on case backs
  12. all packed in an attractive zip-locked PMWC bag (Made in Hong Kong)

Last but not least: if you are stressed or in bad mood, go to the shooting range, or go to play tennis. Watch work requires peace of mind and patience and time! Only work on watches if your mental condition is relaxed!

US $ 79 only for the whole Kit!
+ USD 12 REGISTERED AIRMAIL shipping & handling to most countries where postal services are reliable
+ USD 20 to the USA with Speedpost, insured and traceable 3 to 5 days shipping, other countries here

US $ 64 only for the whole Kit!
if purchased together with a watch shipped from Hong Kong (90% of our watches are in Hong Kong!)
You save USD 15 on an already great prized set!

+ only USD 5 (added to watch shipping cost)

What you need to know about Watch Tools:

There are basically 3 categories of watch tools. The very expensive "Swiss" or "Japan Made" tools. Then there is a middle price league of tools "Made in Taiwan". And there are the very low cost "China Made" or "India Made" tools. For some watch tools like case presses or hands lifters where the tolerances are not that important, China or India Made tools have definitely their legitimation in the tool world. However for higher precision tools like screwdrivers or tweezers we do not recommend to go with the lowest price (quality) tools. Thus PMWC offers its "Watch Tool Starter Kit" with tools "Made in Taiwan" and "Made in Japan". The spring bar tool and the pocket case opener are "Made in China" as this seemed to be the most appropriate option to keep the price at this unbelievably low level!


We are not just Tool Sellers - We have been using these Watch Tools!

Please have a look at the "Watch Works" section of Reto's Watch Collection (RWC). You will find a lot of articles helping you using the tools and helping you completing basic watch works.
Thus you can trust our selection of basic tools to start a new chapter in your watch passion: "The journey to the inside of watches!" and I can guarantee you, this journey will be rewarding and fascinating!
After years of changing bracelets, discussing forms and dial colors, each WIS (watch idiot savant) will be re-focussing his interest to the inside of his objects of passions: the movements. I can tell you, nothing is more fun or makes you more proud, then wearing a watch that you fixed, serviced, cleaned, adjusted yourself!

REGULATING YOUR WATCHES: one of the fascinating options the PMWC Watch Tool Starter Kit will offer you!

* Important Note regarding regulating watches:
To regulate a watch to better accuracy, you have two options: You buy an expensive watch timing machine and are able to perform those steps like a watchmaker. But that will cost you between USD 500 (for a second hand vibrograph) to USD 4'000 for a new e.g. WITSCHI Expert.
But there is a less expensive way: a case opener, a screwdriver and a bit of trial and error and patience! Do it like this: