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Unlike the ADIDAS LED (light emitting diode), the Hamilton's inverted LCD (liquid crystal digit) is always on! See the wrist shot at the end of the page for a picture with an angle that shows the display much better

Great solid-links bracelet

Great double button clasp!

Great packaging too!

Looking good on Helen's 5.25 in or 13.5 cm wrist too! Confident women can wear big watches!

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
LED Watches have a fascination for me. Because I remember our Math teacher showing us with pride his first Hewlett Packard pocket calculator. If I am not completely wrong (that was some 30 years ago) it was the HP 11 and he had paid 2'000 Swiss Francs for it, that was in ca. 1972. Our Math teacher was one of the first to get one of those in Switzerland. Wow, and then the first LED watches arrived. Salivating we stood at the window of the watch shop and oogled the OMEGA that cost 1'000 Swiss Franks. And then it took a long time until Texas Instruments (Ti-58) and Japanese and American watch brands brought the prices of LED calculators and watches down so everyone could afford one. Even we college students! That is why to me, all LED watches are simply fascinating. And when I hear "Men in Black" I am always smiling. I simply love those movies for their gadgets. Now you have the chance to buy one of those gadgets ;-) Since HAMILTON made such a prominent product placement, this watch is also a piece of cinematographic history.

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Single Pieces overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
: Original HAMILTON SPECIAL PACKAGING like in picture, with international guarantee. Stamped by authorized HAMILTON dealer but undated, so you get the full year international warranty!

Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is brand new in Box
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