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Please note that these are the pictures from the watch in my private collection (a definite keeper for me!). I did not reshoot the watch for this single piece, just added a shot of the watch in the box with the warranty at the end of this page.

Please note that the date already starts changing, 11 PM! That is a characteristic of the Miyota 8200. Quite practical actually, with a glance at the date you will see that another day has almost expired

Nice Ellesse logo on the rotor. Tennis fans will certainly recognize this logo immediately

Lume is great on the tips of the hands. I have no problem reading the time in darkness. Also during dusk and dawn, you will quickly get used to read the time via the white tips of the hands.

6.5 inch or 16.5 cm wrist

Helen even took a better wrist shot then I did, she owns the same watch. Picture is from here private collection

Dimensions (mm):

Case Diameter excluding crown: 38.3 mm
Visible Dial: 33!
Height: 12.2
Lug to Lug: 45
Lug Width: 22
Very thick padded black leather strap with PVD coated buckle and ELLESSE signed

Weight 75 grams

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
A very cool dress watch in my eyes! I wear mine with dark grey sweaters (I can avoid wearing a suit with this one while visiting concerts) or black pullovers. Reading the time is by far not as difficult as the black hands on a black dial suggest. But if you want a "service" watch (Police, Firebrigade, Rescue, SWAT etc.) then please look at another watch. This is for me a Panerai substitue which does a great job filling the "cushion case watch" category in my collection. This is an Asian model I believe and will most likely not be available outside Asia. Comes with International Warranty, US service center is in Newark, NJ.

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the SPECIALS overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
: International warranty stamped August 7th 2004, plastic box with Polyurethane pillow, outer cardbox

Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is brand new in box and 100%
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy: Please
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* A PMWFer immediately dubbed this watch the "Darth Vader" when I first posted my pictures on
** PVD = Pressure vapor deposit, a method to deposit a black and very scratch resistant film on stainless steel watches. I love PVD watches for their "Stealth" looks and own quite a few of them. Today's PVD is really scratch resistant and the watch is probably even more scratch resistant with this PVD film

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