Watch for Sale: Titanium Perpetual Calendar 10 Year Battery SLL019P1 YELLOW
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Why I think this watch is interesting:
10 Years Battery Life, Perpetual Calendar, great Titanium Case and Bracelet. Wear it, forget about setting the date and time and in addition use the GMT hand to display the time in another time zone! Quartz frequency is 196 kHz, 6 times faster then the usual 32 kHz, this watch is a lot more accurate! ANNUAL rate is +/- 20 seconds! Please note that SEIKO guarantees these values if the watch is worn for at least 12 hours daily (temperature consistency)
I bought mine in Tokyo in Akihabara (for a much higher price btw) and many people have asked me about the interesting combination of rubber and Titanium. It was a real novelty back then in 1998 and this style has influenced many watches after that. Now PMWC is happy to be able to offer this really interesting Seiko Perpetual Calendar in this FUNKY YELLOW!

The unique design of the date loupe and its continuation on the case - reminding of the wing of the turbine on an airplane wing - impressed obviously the designers of CARTIER's Roadster line! They copied it almost 1:1

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
: Original Seiko pouch (picture), Original Seiko 8F32 manual no papers
Watch Description and Condition: Watch is new old stock, watch manufactured in 1999, condition 99%, battery has been replaced. There are very minor marks from replacing the batteries in the notches of the case back, but the replacement of the batteries has been done very professionally. Originally my supplier (he must know how fussy I am about scratches) has told me that there were scratches on the case back. There are just some really minor marks. I have tried to catch them as good as possible in the pictures below.
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Case diameter ( 38.5 mm
Height: 10.5 mm
Case Length: 47 mm
Lug width: 9 mm,
Titanium/Rubber bracelet can be cut to wrist sizes max. 7.5 inches or 19 cm

Weight ca. 60 grams (this is a watch that you do not really feel when wearing it, I had often to check whether I am really wearing a watch when this one was on my wrist).

SEIKO has a pretty nasty habit of closing their screwed casebacks for eternity. In this large magnification you see the tiny mark from replacing the battery. I have opened more then 100 watches and would say, that the watchmaker that has replaced the battery very recently did a good job. If you are very very fussy about scratches, I will not sell the watch to you. I am also very fussy about scratches, but this is normal maintenance wear.

I am not normally a fan of inscriptions anywhere on the watch, bezel or bracelet. But consider this: the Seiko Perpetual Calendar valid until the year 2100 was an horological sensation when it was first released in 1998. I still remember having seen the 2100 on all those stickers. I can not read Japanese, so only after a while I figured out, SEIKO had yet achieved another horological break-through. Longines had also replaced their VHP (very high precision) quartz module with a new chip that contained a Perpetual Calendar, but Seiko was a tad earlier. Thus the inscription PERPETUAL was OK for me when I bought mine, after all it is an indication for an horological milestone. Please find the story about my shopping for this watch in Tokyo in December 1998 here. And btw. the watches for Sales here show the correct date. Somebody must have played with the one I bought from Akihabara.

The other side is plain, no inscription

If you look very closely just a bit left of the ER or PERPETUAL you will find some marks on the Titanium link. Those are marks that are normal due to the rubber - Titanium combination. Actually those are not marks, but tiny polished areas due to two Titanium surfaces touching each other. But this is an implicit consequence of this unique watch band. Please note, the watch pictures here show the watch enlarged like you would see it through a 3 times loupe. So I doubt you can see those marks without magnification. PMWC is telling always what you have to expect in ADVANCE. I simply do not want disappointed customers and I also do not have the time to argue about defects in emails. I decided to declare upfront, have a bit smaller profits, happy customers and more time for my own watches!

Adjusting the bracelet is easy: all you need is a pair of scissors. Simply make sure you DO NOT CUT TOO SHORT. If you do, not a disaster either, SEIKO is a real watch company that offers spare parts.

Watch comes with original hanging tag

I got my watch from Tokyo in a disposable card box, you will get the original manual including the depicted SEIKO pouch