Watch for Sale: Vintage Orient Pair, ca.1990: NOS Gents Cal. 4694Y000 and Ladies 5584Y000

Why I think this PAIR is interesting:
Typical 70ies design watches, manufactued most likely in the late 80ies or early 90ies. This is not a contradiction, Orient has kept producing its 70ies designs for quite a while. A great pair of vintage Orients for a WIS couple! Or the perfect watch for you including a WIS insurance for the price of a Swatch Irony. Now these watches would make the perfect wrist decoration for a Chinese Dinner for two Or to celebrate an ANNIVERSARY!  Or you do not tell your partner at all and sell the ladies watch on Ebay. I know I am being bad .
Both watches display the Day in Chinese or in English! Change the language with a click of the button at 2 o'clock.

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the ORIENT overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
Open International Orient Warranty, CITIZEN pouches like in pictures
Watch Description and Condition
: LNIP, like new in pouch, these are discontinued vintage NOS Orients, the gents watch has a very small ding at 9:30 barely visible without a loupe, please see the male wrist shot. The Ladies watch has two very small dings on the right side of the case at around 5 o'clock. The gold-plating of the watches (most likely 3 micron) is worn off a bit on the middle part of the link that connects to the end links and on the link that is next to the clasp. The wear is not really visible, please check the pictures again, we tried not to hide anything and the wear is as represented in the pictures. If you are very fussy about imperfections, then do not buy these watches and consider brand new watches. The watches here are in 95% plus condition and those handling hairlines and really small dings unfortunately occur with watches being handled for a longer time in a shop by sales people that probably sold fruits in their previous career. Without magnification, the watches look perfect.
I am measuring right now the accuracy and will edit this page again once I have observed the watches for 24 hours.
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy: Please click here for all the details. Please use the back button of your browser to come back to this page, thank you. Return policy applies to the pair

Dimensions Gents (mm):
Case across ( 36
Crystal across: 29
Crystal height: 26
Lug to Lug: 41
Height: 11
Lug width: 18
Bracelet tapered 21 to 16
Weight: 85 grams

Dimensions Ladies (mm):
Case across ( 36
Crystal across: 21
Crystal height: 18
Lug to Lug: 21
Height: 11
Lug width: 12
Bracelet tapered 13 to 11
Weight: 50 grams

Note the slight wear on the gold plating on the middle link connecting to the endlink

Note the slightly worn off gold plating on the first links next to the endlinks

There is a tiny ding on the upper edge of the case at 9:30

Two small dings on the lower side of the case - but as you see, they are really small and not visible even with a magnified picture

Back still contains the original Orient holographic sticker

Back still contains the original Orient holographic sticker