Watch for Sale: Limited Edition of 1999 pcs:
Eco Duo Drive CENTURY - the World's First Eco Duo Drive!
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I still remember when I bought the one in my private collection around 2001. I was so puzzled to find a display back on an Eco Drive. And a rotor! This is the first Eco Duo Drive that Citizen released in 1999 in a limited edition of 1999 pieces. And I did not even get the original packing you will get. I just got a regular Promaster box with my watch. Until I found this one in Hong Kong, I had no idea that the original packing was so huge and contained other goodies, like a nice foldable brochure of all World's first of Citizen.

Please find more pictures of my resized Century Eco Duo Drive at my private collection site

Watch comes with all original hang tags

Please notice, the extension is closed in this picture

For this picture, I have opened the integrated bracelet extension half way

The bottom of the rocket like shell is not in the picture but is of course part of the original Jubilee packaging and will be included!

Dimensions (mm):

Case diameter (excl. crown): 41
Height: 14 (Duo Drive!)
Lug to Lug: 46
Lug: 15, integrated bracelet of a thickness you will never have to worry about the end-links
Bracelet tapered from 22 to 20 mm at clasp with integraged bracelet extension

Weight: ca. 160 grams = the same as a SEIKO SKX779K (Black Monster)

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
Duo Drives are highly collectible and quite hard to find. Having two power sources on your watch means, that if you are not wearing it, the solar cells keep your watch running. If you are wearing it, it works like a SEIKO Kinetics. The movement of your wrist turns the rotor which moves a micro-generator which feeds a buffer battery. No battery replacement on
Eco Drives and this Eco Duo Drive is no exception. Highly collectible, the World's First Eco Duo Drive, limited edition of 1999 pieces in complete Jubilee packing! I did not get that packaging when I bought mine in Bangkok in 2000 :-( While the price seems high at the moment I take any bet that this watch will be worth double this money in a couple of years from now. Especially for Japanese collectors. That is also the reason the watch is still here. If I had this page translated into Japanese, the watch would have left a long time ago.

Details about this Watch

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Watchbox and Papers
Original Limited Edition packing, open warranty with authorized dealer stamp
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