Watch for Sale: Citizen Eco Thermo Drive White
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Probably the most complicated Eco Drive Citizen every released. I am hunting for a Thermo Drive since I saw the first release in 1997. Finally I found one and after studying the manual, I understood why those watches are not marketed in Asia. The watch is powered by the temperature difference between your body temperature and the outside temperature. Since the average outside temperature in Thailand is very close to the human body temperature, the watch is better suited for colder regions. The second hand jumps in 10 second intervals to warn the wearer that the watch is not charging due to insufficient temperature difference. I would have loved to own such technological master piece, but my climate zone is just not right for this.

The black Carbon composite serves as a temperature insulator between the watch case back and the watch case. The temperature difference is the power generator for this most unusual Eco THERMO Drive

Very sturdy and thick bracelet with intelligent integrated butterfly lock. The first couple of links are featuring the same carbon composite like on the watch back. This is not just decoration, but the engineers wanted to interrupt the flow of energy through the band of the watch to the watch case. If the bracelet would have been all steel, it would have meant that your body heat could have traveled to the case via the bracelet thus reducing the temperature difference needed to power the watch. A very clever and elegant solution!

You will get the correct manual, this is just a sample shot for the packaging of the Thermo

Dimensions (mm):

Case diameter (excl. crown): 38
Height: 13
Lug to Lug: 43
Lug width: 13.5 integrated bracelet, great and stunning quality, integrated buttons
Bracelet tapered from 21 to 18 at clasp

Weight: ca. 130 grams

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
A very unique Eco Drive: the THERMO Eco Drive is the most complicated technology to power a watch. If the watch is not charging, the second hands jumps in 10 second intervals. 5 hours of daily wearing is sustaining the power reserve. This watch is for the technologically interested watch coinnoisseur!

Details about this Watch

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Watchbox and Papers
: Original packaging as in picture, guarantee stamped by authorized dealer on February 13th 2004

Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is brand new. I inspected the watch as I always do and found some minor hairlines. Thanks to the brushed surface, very easy to remove with a regular ink eraser
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