Watch for Sale: Citizen Eco-Drive World Timer BLUE BJ9031-58L with Sapphire Crystal
Discontinued and sold out, sorry!

Great knurled and big crown like on the Eco-Drive Toughs! - When I got these great pics from my Hong Kong assistant, I wanted to keep one for myself ... sigh ... now I wish I had less watches in my collection. But these Eco Drive World Timers are simply beautiful watches! On the blue Model I love the combination of the blue dial and the green frames around the indices. It makes it look very fresh and will complement the green lume in low light condition perfectly. This blue Model has great utilitarian or Diver looks!

Side shot from the Blue Model, all satin brushed case and bracelet

There is little bit of dust and probably glue residue on the clasp, I will of course wipe this off before shipping the watch! Those "stains" on stainless steel can be removed easily and safely with

HOW TO remove "stains" from satin brushed watches (DO NOT APPLY THIS TO POLISHED SURFACES)

         Test with lower pressure on the inside of the bracelet first and then check with a 10x loupe to see how the micro lines look at large magnification!

         Always follow the line of the original brushing

         Always interrupt your work and check with the loupe about the progress

         Always only pull the tool, never push it

         Try to pull as straight as possible if the original brush is straight - never rub in circles!

        Be very carful on cases and bezels, you can scratch a mineral crystal using the tools below!

        On cases you might want to leave the scratches or hairlines if they are not grave. a watch case is far more sensitive to "advertise" refurbishing attempts due to its curvature. because of that curvature light will fall in from all angles and you have to work a lot more carefully in order to make your refurbishment perfect. an additional restriction is, that you can not reach all the parts on the watch case equally well.

The Tools you will need, not much and probably already in your house hold!

  • A not to coarse ink eraser, Rotring and Laeufer (German brands) make great erasers that are ideal to refurbish all satin brushed watch cases and bracelets

  • Do not laugh now: regular tooth paste! Simply massage the tooth paste with your finger along the original brush and then wash the watch with warm soap water. Be careful, smoker's tooth paste might be too abrasive if the satin brush is pretty fine. Check the toothpaste on a little piece of PVC plastic and look at the plastic under the loupe and you will soon find out whether your tooth paste contains too big splinters of abrasive material.

  • a Japan made special rubber sponge - find a picture here (lower right corner) and press the back button to come back - which comes in three variations: extra fine, fine and coarse, to polish watch bracelets and watch cases. But as I said, a Rotring or Laeufer (both German brands) ink eraser can do the job equally well and are a lot less expensive!

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Sample shot of open clasp from the Black Model! - Please note that the Black and Blue Model have all satin brushed bracelets, this is just a picture to show the clasp.

Watch comes complete with all Manuals, International Warranty with open date stamped by authorized Citizen Dealer

Again, I did not diet nor did I shave my wrist, a shot from a female 13.5 cm or 5.3 inch wrist

Dimensions (mm):

Case diameter (excl. crown): 41
Height: 12
Lug to Lug: 46
Lug: 20, great and stunning quality, great buttons and safety lock, tapered 20 mm to 18 mm

Weight: ca. 150 grams

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
Great looking World Timer with big screw down Crown. This is an Allrounder for the Traveler or for those that simply like to know the time in a different time zone! Forget about replacing batteries, this Eco-Drive will keep going strong!
When I first saw these pictures, I had the URGE to immediately snatch one of those Eco World Timers for myself. First I fell immediately in love with the dressier white Model and now I think that the blue Diver's look is also great. It is really not easy to be a good WIS (watch idiot savant)

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