Watch for Sale: Citizen PROMASTER Duratect Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar BLUE
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Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
Stunning Perpetual Calendar DURATECT PROMASTER with in Titanium. Great case lines and a very legible dial with big luminous Arab numerals. Never change a battery, never worry to change the date. Wear it, enjoy it! As simple as that.

Watch (Caliber E766) comes with great advanced features and functions!

  • Overcharge Protection (solar cells): To protect the secondary buffer battery from not being overloaded

  • Time setting warning: If the watch is reactivated after it had stopped (e.g. you have too many watches and have put it into a drawer for at least a couple of months) then the second hand will jump in two second intervals to warn you that the time is not correct

  • Power Save Mode 1: If the watch is not exposed to daylight, the second hand stops while the hour and minute hand still display the correc time

  • Power Save Mode 2: If the watch is not exposed to sun light for 3 days in a row, then the watch enters a "Sleep Mode". The watch will resume the correct time immediately after being exposed to light.

Setting instruction video from Citizen!
(Thank you David from Hawaii for the hint!)

Is this not a great watch? It thinks for you, you just wear it, and forget about it being accurate or showing the right date!

Details about this Watch

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This is a Titanium DURATECT watch. CITIZEN's surface hardening patented DURATECT makes watches much less prone to scratches then regular stainless steel watches.

It was this very model that started to bias me from Seiko towards Citizen when visiting Tokyo for the second time and strolling though countless watch shops with a very good watch friend. I get normally tired from shopping after 20 minutes, but if I wander around to find new watches, I can walk for hours without even noticing my legs and feet. I observed in Oct. 2002 that Citizen seem to have the upper hand in the electronic watch department. Seiko is still doing a great job with its Credor and Grand Seiko lines, but those are hardly visible outside Japan. It is all to change soon if one can believe the news in 2006 that Credor and Grand Seiko will soon be available in the USA too.

Dimensions (mm):

Case diameter (excl. crown): 39
Height: 13.5
Lug to Lug: 46
Lug: 20
Bracelet tapered 21 mm to 18 mm

Weight: ca. 100 grams


One customer said "The Blue of the face is so much more beautiful in person then on the photos!" Another customer characterized the dial as " ... metallic royal blue...[that] is very striking in that it's both matte, yet subtly iridescent ..." I think one cannot put it better then that!

Sample picture - you will get the manual matching your caliber (movement)!
Citizen is really clever and lists all calibers covered by that manual in that dark grey bar!