Watch for Sale: Citizen ASPEC Duratect Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar BL1040-58H
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The warranty for this watch has expired on 18th October 2004. To me this might be the only reason why this really great Citizen model is still in our stock. I do not really mind, I will snatch it for my private collection at the next possible occasion - when I am in Hong Kong the next time, that is! Why? Because I would have gotten one of those for my private collection if I could afford so many watches. Have a look at the functions below, then you know why. Also, this is DURATECT Stainless Steel. DURATECT Titanium is pretty hard already. But DURATECT Stainless Steel is guaranteeing that the watch will survive many "service nights". Previous customers were indeed from public services organizations with high risk of scratching or destroying a watch. The many features and the virtually indestructible surface are the reason, why I am still eyeing this watch for my private collection. So please hit the back button of your browser now and look for another Citizen model ;-)

This is a stainless steel watch. CITIZEN's surface hardening patented DURATECT system of course applies also to steel watches, although it has been advertised a lot in conjunction with the Titanium watches. DURATECT watches are much less prone to scratches then regular stainless steel watches.

The bracelet is really great quality, the smart buttons and the make of the bracelet reminded me of bracelets of watches that cost triple the amount of the money!

Dimensions (mm):

Case diameter (excl. crown): 39.5
Height: 10
Lug to Lug: 45
Lug: integrated bracelet, great and stunning quality, great buttons, tapered 21 mm to 18 mm

Weight: ca. 140 grams (see picture)

Why I think this WATCH is interesting:
CITIZEN ASPEC watches are like the ATTESA watches a higher quality CITIZEN model range that are hardly available outside Japan or Asia. This watch will make a great all-rounder. Just wear it! Forget about changing the battery, setting the date! Put it on, and this beauty will show you the time for decades! Great bracelet with really sophisticated recessed buttons. And one of the smoothest turning bezels I have come across! A sheer pleasure to turn or just play with it!

Watch comes with great advanced features!

  • Overcharge Protection (solar cells): To protect the secondary buffer battery from not being overloaded

  • Time setting warning: If the watch is reactivated after it had stopped (e.g. you have too many watches and have put it into a drawer for at least a couple of months) then the second hand will jump in two second intervals to warn you that the time is not correct

  • Power Save Mode 1: If the watch is not exposed to daylight, the second hand stops while the hour and minute hand still display the correct time

  • Power Save Mode 2: If the watch is not exposed to sun light for 3 days in a row, then the watch enters a "Sleep Mode". The watch will resume the correct time immediately after being exposed to light.

Is this not a great watch? It thinks for you, you just wear it, and forget about it being accurate or showing the right date!

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the CITIZEN overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
Picture above is from actual watch and packaging, International warranty, dated papers 18th October 2003 which should not be a problem, given Citizen's legendary quality control. Also Citizen USA is the best service provider for all Japanese brands I have ever experience. Find posts of mine regarding this in the Archives of the Seiko Citizen Watch Forum, simply search for "Reto". With right I think I gave Citizen (USA) compliments not only for their great service network, but also for browsing the Seiko Citizen Watch Forum and replying to requests there in no time. I know only one watch company that is similarly alert, that is the "International Watch Corporation" in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. They have their own brand forum and all your questions will be answered by IWC employees. That also is first class customer service in my books.
Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is brand new in box BNIB
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