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Original SEIKO Z20 Rubber Strap 20 mm (old flat style) for MONSTERS SKX779/781 etc.
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
If you own a SEIKO Monster SKX779 or SKX781 or a SEIKO 5 Diver's with 20 mm lug width and want to "spare" the bracelet from being scratched, then an Original SEIKO Rubber strap is the elegant solution. Rubber straps are great outdoors watch bands and are not scratch prone at all.

New! Now PMWC is able to offer the old flat style rubber strap Z20 (20 mm)
This item has just arrived. Finally we are able to offer the smaller Z20 (20 mm lug width) also in the old flatter style with the straight vents. Many customers prefer the old style, because the strap is flatter and thus easier to stuff under shirt cuffs.

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. Please find the price on the SEIKO Straps Overview page, thank you.
Watch Accessories Description and Condition: Please note that the 20 mm rubber straps are the flat old style with straight vents. Straps are Original SEIKO and brand new.
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If you are not sure, please measure the Lug Width BEFORE ordering! If it is not 20 mm, the straps will not fit!

Hint! If you remove straps with the spring bar fork (for sale here!), always work on the BACK of the watch! If you slip, you will only leave a mark on the back of the lugs. At least it will be invisible when wearing the watch!


20 mm old flat style inside - for Black and Orange Monsters SKX779K and SKX781K - a pair of matching 1.8 mm spring bars included