Watch Accessories for Sale:

Type 1. Oyster-style satin-brushed Bracelet for 40 mm SANDOZ Divers
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Type 2. President-like satin-brushed Bracelet with polished middle links and integrated Clasp for SANDOZ 36 mm Date Just-likes or Day Date-likes and Automatics but not Explorer 36 mm (different curved case)
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
Maybe you plan to resell your Sandoz? Or you want to have a spare bracelet, just in case? Or you want to switch between a Jubilee-like and a President-like? Or you just want to have a brand new and shiny bracelet to give the watch a new look? By the way, like many other watch companies, SANDOZ HK does not sell spares anymore, this is the last batch of bracelets I was able to get.

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the SANDOZ HONG KONG Spare Bracelets overview table for the price please.
: Original Sandoz spare Bracelet from Sandoz.

Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Bracelets are brand new and come wrapped as in picture, additionally each bracelet is packed in a transparent plastic bag. Bracelets and end links will be packed separately so they will not scratch during shipping.
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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Type 1. Dimensions of Oyster-like Bracelet to fit Submariner-like 40 mm
Lug width: 20 mm
Bracelet tapered 20 mm to16 mm
Length Bracelet only: 17.8 cm or 7 inch
Length Bracelet including Submariner 40 mm: 21.6 cm or 8.5 inch

Type 2. Dimensions of President-like Bracelet to fit Sandoz 36 mm cases:
Lug width: 19 mm
Bracelet tapered 19 mm to16 mm
Length Bracelet only: 16.2 cm or 6.4 inch
Length Bracelet including a Sandoz 36 mm Watch:  19.6 cm or 7.7 inch

Loupes are just decoration and are not included

Here is a picture of the President Bracelet with removed protective plastic - all, also the middle links are solid!