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MKS Opener
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
Practical case opener in two ways. First it's size makes it extremely portable for those "flea market hunters" that like to peek into a great find BEFORE they buy it. Secondly, due to it's ergonomical grip, it does not require professional skills to be used.

IMPORTANT: most snap-on case backs have a little groove. Often you will have to use a loupe and look around the whole circumference of the case back. You will in most cases find a groove or a gap. It is in THAT groove you place the blade of the MKS case opener. You then twist the opener to lift the case back off. I often use two layer of e.g. printer paper and place them on the case in order to avoid opening marks. Other options are to use scotch tape (more then one layer, scotch tape is pretty soft) or other masking tape. Protecting the case from opening marks is a good idea if you are planning to resell the watch. Making some opening marks on the snap-on case back is unavoidable due to the nature of the case back fit.

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This is a typical SNAP-ON case backs of a Quartz dress watch. If you do not find any notches or grooves on the case back, then it is most likely featuring a SNAP-ON case back. Please note that SNAP-ON case backs normally close with an audible "click". After hearing it, you know that you have properly closed your case back. ALWAYS look for an opening groove on the case back. Most SNAP-ON case backs feature a groove or an opening. It is that opening you use to insert the blade of the opener. You then twist the opener and lift the case back off. Some case backs might sit very tightly. I suggest you bring these to your watchmaker to open.

If your SNAP-ON case back does not have a gap or groove, then press the MKS opener between the case back and the case and start twisting the MKS opener. Slowly the gap between the case back and the case will increase. BE CAREFUL not to push the MKS opener INTO the watch case and destroy e.g. the coil of the Quartz movement. "PRESS and TWIST" is the key - and better make more then one attempt with slightly increasing pressure if the case back is sitting tight. If the case back sits too tight, overcome your pride and bring the watch to the watchmaker.