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Steel Case Opener Made in China with black plastic Handle: opens most modern water resistant watch cases
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Valuable Hint: always loosen a wrench BEFORE lifting it off a watch case back after having loosened the case back! If the wrench is still tightened, you might leave marks when lifting it up!

Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
Because you will finally have access to the innards of your watches, to regulate them, or to just admire them, or to take movements shots, or ... there are no limits to the watch fun! All you need is the little initiative to order one and have a bit of courage and confidence. And I guarantee you, it will open a whole new watch world for you!

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Case Opener overview table for the price please.
: Made in China

Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Please note, these case openers are Made in China an can not be compared to the USD 100 case openers from JAXA or Bergeon.Their frame is made of steel and the steel bits are pretty hard too. As I said, you will not get a Bergeon quality opener, but a good amateur's tool for occasional opening of watch backs.  We offer now the professional JAXA opener on PMWC.
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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Dimensions of Steel Case Opener
Length: 15 cm or 5.5 inches
Width: 2.8 cm or 11/4 inches

Maximum width between bits: 34 mm or 13/8 inch

Weight: ca. 85 grams

Note on typical distances of notches on case backs
As an example, the 36 mm Sandoz Explorer-like or a 40 mm Sandoz Submariner-like use a distance of 29 mm or 1.41 inches, so this opener will fit. You will have no problem opening 40 mm plus watches. Just make sure the notches look like the one in the sample picture below and the distance between the inside of the notches on the case back are less then 34 millimeters.

The opener has two sides, I simply placed two openers onto the mat to shoot this picture
Steel case opener, depicted to show both bits sides, the wider bits for Polygonal Case Backs* (not recommended) and the smaller bits for Case Backs with Slots (recommended)

*A word of warning: the wider bits of the Steel case opener can open Polygonal Case Backs. But if the case back sits tight, please use a Bergeon 5338-1 F instead! The wider bits are not wide enough to distribute the pressure onto the edges sufficiently if the case back sits too tight and you will leave ugly marks.

As a sample: the typical screwed case back to be opened with this kind of opener. The Sandoz 40 mm Diver in this picture, has a distance of 29 mm between two opposite notches on the case back. So this opener will be able to handle even watches with diameters of plus 40 mm. If you have doubts measure the distance of the notches and compare with the maximum opening distance between the bits, 34 mm