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Professional Bracelet Sizing Pliers
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Why I think these watch accessories are interesting:
If you liked the bracelet sizing tool then you will LOVE this resizing pliers. They are for people that resize a lot of bracelets or for people that prefer tools they can use for years!

Details about these Watch Accessories

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Bracelet Sizing Tool Overview Table for the price please.
: Made in
South Korea, material: brass, pin pushers: stainless steel
Watch Accessories Description and Condition
: Factory new bracelet sizing pliers with all the accessories depicted below
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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Comes with two SPARE pin pushers

Now HOW TO use it!

1. Place the bracelet on the holder, align the pin pusher with one of the holes on the bracelet and simply push the split pin out
Hint: MOST Watch companies that offer bracelets with split pins will mark the push direction with an arrow ---> on the inside of the bracelets! Push the pin out in arrow direction --->, never try to push a pin out against the arrow direction!

2. Use the pliers to pull the pin out entirely in the way shown here

3. Pushing pins back in has never been easier!
Hint: Remember you push the pins back in AGAINST the arrow <------- on the inside of the bracelet!