How to APPEAL in case of wrongful taxation by US Customs

Watches below USD 400 are exempt from taxes, but ...

USPS customs inspectors (the officers that evaluate the goods before delivering them) some times price watches at too high prices. It is not very likely however. Of about 400 watches sold, I have only gotten feedback that too high taxes were demanded for ca. 1% of the shipped watches. But if it happens, read below please...

Procedure for Appeal/Refund of too high taxes paid

  1. Email me for an Invoice

  2. The Post Office accepts Cash payment or Credit Card payment (you will have to pay for watch and customs to get it out). You will have to pay a handling fee of USD 4.50 if the watch is taxed but you will also get this USD 4.50 back with the too high taxes. So the whole processing fee will be USD 0.50 net, see fee below, step 7.

  3. Be sure you get a receipt that has the customs article number on it, this is very important

  4. Enclose a copy of your payment (check, cashiers check, money order, money transfer)

  5. Those documents will prove the purchase price you paid

  6. Try to get to the customs officer that assessed the value of the watch (might be at the closest airport)

  7. Get the address where to send your documentation (my invoice, your proof of purchase)
    Just learned this now, there will be a USD 5 processing fee, make sure you pay this, otherwise the process might be delayed

  8. Occasionally call them again to make sure they process your case

  9. 6 - 8 weeks and your money will be refunded. With those documents you will win that appeal

  10. Good Luck!

Latest Update: Larry who encouraged me to create this page, got fully refunded for the unduly taxes he paid on a Sandoz Pepsi Cola 40 mm Diver.