Watch for Sale: Tudor Rose Logo Hand Wind ca. 1970, Rolex Crown in excellent condition, ca. 85% overall, Tudor Caliber 1156
Sold out, sorry!

Why I think this watch is interesting:
A great witness of horological history. An original Tudor with Crown button, Case and Case Back by Rolex and signed accordingly. Dial is Silver

Please read the comments about the condition of the watch below. As always I try to describe the watches as they are, not hiding anything.

And I am as always very open and straight: this is a Handwind with Screw-Down crown. The power reserve (measured is about 48 hours), that means you will have to open and wind the watch every second day. To me that is a pleasure, I love to wind watches. I just want to make sure you understood that before ordering the watch and not be disappointed afterwards. The threads on the crown tube and crown of that Tudor are like new and Tudor guarantees that you can use that watch for a very long time and that whether the thread nor the crown will quickly wear out. And if it does one day, it is really very simple to replace that threaded stem tube.

Seriously interested, but not sure? Please mail me!

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the TUDOR overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
: No papers, comes in nice Sandoz box like in picture below. Comes with a great looking and matching Jean Simone genuine leather strap with Croco texture.

Watch Description and Condition
: The watch is in very good condition and keeps great time. As usual, a precise description of the watch: Dial has some spots (aging) near the applied indices. Applied indices show signs of oxidation. The 00, 15, 30 and 45 indices have a black paint (that is why I found the black strap is a great color match for this watch). That black paint has also oxidized slightly. The luminous dots at 20, 25, and 55 are partially broken off, there is still a rest of the dots there, thus the optimal impression is intact and consistent. There was never a luminous dot at 12 o'clock. This again, only visible with a 10 x loupe. There is a light group of small scratches on the dial at the 17 minutes position near the 15 minute marker. This one looks newer and I suspect that it comes from the last service and it looks like the watchmaker slipped with the handslifting tool. The scratches are not deep and will probably start to become less obvious with aging.
The hands and the case are in very good condition. The movement is in great shape (see power reserve below).
Measured Power Reserve 46 hours (dial up)
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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Dimensions (mm):
Case diameter ( 34
Height: 11.5 only because it is Hand wind
Lug to Lug: 41
Lug width: 19
Beautiful Black "Jean Simone" leather strap with Alligator pattern

At 17 minutes near the 15 minutes marker you can see the slight "chip" on the dial. Most likely from the last servicing when the watchmaker's handslifting tool slipped. This can happen with those vintage watches, maybe the hands stuck really firm on the canon pinion. The scratch is barely visible when you look at the watch perpendicularly, it becomes more obvious if you look at the watch from a flat angle from the 6 o'clock position. I am just telling this in advance, so you will not be disappointed. If you are really fussy about scratches, then maybe vintage watches are not for you

The back carries the inscription Ron Smith 9.12.71 besides the standard Rolex/Tudor inscriptions

Movement really is in great shape! Again, the beauty of this watch lays inside I do not recommend this watch for people which have no love for movements. All the new Tudors bought in June 2003 are actually carrying their real beauty inside and I would suggest that only a watch idiot savant (WIS) with a feel and love for movements would buy those watches. I am sure there are a lot of watches around with rebuffed dials and cases that look like new, but sometimes those "marvels" come with so called "butchered" movements. For myself, I prefer the beauty to be inside and I do not care that much about the exterior.


I will throw in a Sandoz Box, so this watch has a decent home again. Of course without the Sandoz guarantee.