Sandoz Hong Kong and Singapore Submariner-like Models Side by Side
Second major revision June 2004

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I expected the watches to be more different to be honest. After all that I had been reading, I expected more significant differences. Both watches have the same weight of approx. 122 grams, both watches have a very similar bracelet, although the link pins on the Singapore model seem to be a tad thicker. They are also push pins. Also the watch dimensions are identical. Please find a short comparison and side by side pictures below.

Singapore model left, Hong Kong model right. Watches have the same dimensions except for the height! This picture should not deceive, but I had to arrange the watches like this to avoid reflections. Black dials are never easy to photograph! The obvious differences from the front:

Major Differences Submariner Singapore vs. Hong Kong:
  • Singapore model has applied logo, bezel dot and hour markers

  • Black dial on the Singapore models is glossier, might be lacquered actually, the Hong Kong models have a more matte black dial

  • Bezel is a bit wider and has different printing

  • Middle link parts on the Singapore model are polished

  • Hands on the Singapore model are slightly shorter

  • Crown on the Singapore model is significantly bigger and easier to operate

  • Dial printing on the Singapore model mentions the Sapphire crystal

  • Hong Kong model has thin white frame around date window

  • Singapore model says "SWISS" at 6 o'clock, but I doubt that this is a proper use of the "Swiss" declaration as defined by the FHI,, I am not sure, but I believe those watches are assembled in Far East as are the Hong Kong models.

  • Hong Kong model says "SWISS CALIBRE" at 6 o'clock

A close-up of the Singapore model. Clearly visible is are the applied bezel dot, the logo and the applied hour markers, the black is nice and glossy like on their more famous relatives

The lugs are drilled through on the Singapore Models

Clearly visible the different cases and case backs. The Singapore (left) model has actually a slimmer case from the side, although its height is 2 mm bigger due to the different caseback. This is due to the use of both the nudges and Rolex style indentations on the case back allowing the use of different case openers. End-links are hollow on both models. I have heard of at least one customer that put his Singapore model on a solid end-link aftermarket bracelet. Please ask on PMWF and you will get answers, thank you.

The logo on the Hong Kong watch (left) is embossed, the logo on the Singapore model is laser engraved or spark eroded. As mentioned before, the clasp and the bracelet are pretty identical with the exception of the polished middle link parts on the Singapore models

A photograph to point out the differently shaped cases. Singapore model on the left, Hong Kong model on the right

The Hong Kong model left has a smaller crown. I have however no problems at all using it. Obviously quite some customers have bigger fingers and appreciate the bigger crown on the Singapore model right

Singapore Model left: due to the higher case back the watch sits a bit higher on the wrist

Dimensions (mm):
Case diameter ( 40
Lug to Lug: 48
Height: 13
Lug width: 20
Bracelet tapered 20 to16

Weight 125 grams

Hong Kong Model: due to the flatter case back, the watches more snug on the wirst

Dimensions (mm):
Case diameter ( 40
Lug to Lug: 48
Height: 11
Lug width: 20
Bracelet tapered 20 to16

Weight 125 grams

The price difference is USD 64 as of June 2004. Please check the current prices to make sure. We have been able to reduce the Singapore prices constantly due to good relationships with Sandoz Singapore and have always passed on those price advantages to you.
For that money you get a different case back, a sapphire crystal, applied indices and logo on the watch face. I tried to summarize some decision help in the list below: