Commonly used Sales Terms

BNIB: Brand New in Box

BNIP: Brand New in Pouch

LNIB: Like New in Box

LNIP: Like New in Pouch

NOS: New Old Stock, watches that are normally out of production, sometimes watches that did not sell well at the time they were still manufactured but gained a collectible value afterwards. NOS watches may  show minor handling hairlines and fine scratches from having been in the shop for a long time and handled by customers, but they are unworn and the bracelet has never been resized. For NOS watches sold on Reto's Watch Corner I will thus always indicate the condition of the watch additionally. Please see the Time Zone Grading system below (copy used with permission of Time Zone).

Vintage: commonly used for a watch being 15 years or older. In same cases also used for watches being 10 years or older. The term is used in different ways. Time Zone right now uses it for watches being 20 years old or older.

PMWSF Grading System Addendum:

1. Definition of Watch (Head, includes Crystal) While the Time Zone Grading System does not talk explicitly about the crystal, we think the crystal (front or eventual back) is just a part of the watch head, as is the bezel, the sides of the case, the case back, the lugs and other parts like pushers or extra functions that comprise the watch head. If the Grading System below refers to watch or case then we understand this to be the integral part or the watch head without the bracelet. Please keep that in mind when using the Time Zone Grading System. Please also note that this Time Zone Grading System was in place when the Time Zone "Sales Corner" still allowed to sell "Brand New" watches. Since I received the permission to use that original Grading System, I did not alter it in anyway. The only addendum is the definition of watch above.

2. Please do declare imperfections of a watch if they are known to you.  If you know about imperfections that are not necessarily covered by the Grading System below (and trust me, there is no perfect grading system as there is no perpetuum mobile), then please mention them in your sales post. This can probably save you some shipping cost as most watch collector's have really good eyes and most of them own a set of high powered loupes. Also better and better digital cameras reveal more and more of our watches. Thus if you know about imperfections or shortcomings of any kind of your watch for sale, then please declare them accordingly.

Happy selling, trading and watch hunting to you all!

Copy  of Grading system used with permission of Time Zone - PMWF uses TimeZone's Grading System. 100% new watches are OK on PMWF, all watches however have to be offered below USD 1'000. The additional rules are at the top of each sales forum.

Added 25th January 2007

Grading system

Brand New

Watch is brand new, 100%, unworn, bracelet has not been resized, nor removed. Strap has not been removed.

Near Mint

The best rating for a watch allowed on Sales Corner. Worn only a few times, showing very light signs of wear such as faint scratches on the case or bezel. Never serviced, restored, or redialed. Completely original in every way. Strap shows light use - may be bent, but not stained. Bracelet or buckle shows very light surface scratches. Any replacement strap must be factory original and not aftermarket. The watch is working perfectly, keeping time to original specs, and needs nothing. 90-95%


Evidence of use is visible. Scratches are light, but more numerous than "near mint". If the watch has been restored, all original replacement parts have been used. No redial. Strap clearly used but no stains. No dents or dings are detectable, and the bracelet has little wear. Working perfectly, needs no repair or service. 85-90%

Very good

The watch shows what might be considered normal wear by a careful owner who wore the watch regularly. Some scratches are evident, but no nicks or dings. May have replacement parts and/or a high quality redial. Running and keeping good time, though may need minor regulation. A sound, attractive presentation overall. 80-85%


Nothing fundamentally wrong with the watch, though it has quite obviously been used. Running and wearable, but may gain or lose several minutes over 24 hours. Case may show a few dings, nicks, or deep scratches. May have a redial that is not up to high standards. May not have all original parts. 75-80%


Well used, may require service and/or restoration to be useable. May be running erratically or not at all. Dial, case, and other major components may not be original, but no pieces are missing. Even an untrained eye could tell the watch is worse for wear. Some might call it rough. 70-75%


Shows abuse, requires service and/or restoration. May have major cosmetic flaws, missing parts, may not run at all. A speculative piece - 'fixer-upper' would be too generous. Not junk, but requires lots of work to be made wearable. 60-70%

Scrap / Parts

A collection of parts that at one time may have been a functioning timekeeper. Now missing parts, may be rusted or corroded, not worth restoring. Most people would call it junk. 60% or worse.

If your watch does not fall precisely into one of these groupings, please use an intermediate indication such as "Good +"and provide a description, for example "cosmetically rough, but just received a full mechanical overhaul, new strap, and runs perfectly."


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