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Polaris, China Made
Very rare find in Export Quality from China!

Not much is known about Polaris Watches. From my own experience, I trust those watches have a similar origin as the Double Rhomb watches. Please see my Double Rhomb page and my CHINESE WATCHES page from my private collection for more information about those great quality watches from Mainland China. I was lucky enough to find Old Stock in a shop that was once the luxury watch shop in China. The same shop I was able to find Old Inventory of Double Rhomb watches. I admit, I have a faible for those Chinese watches. The movement quality is absolutely comparable to the Double Rhombs and those Chinese movements are robust. I guess all machinery from Communist countries has been robust and durable. In addition, these Polaris watches were definitely Export Quality, again a parallel to the Double Rhomb watches.

Very interesting is the fact, that the bridges of these watches have a close similarity to the AS1130 A. Schild movement from Grenchen, Switzerland. At the time one of the leading watch movement manufacturers. Its biggest competitor was ETERNA, today those two companies are united in ETA, the largest Swiss movement manufacturer and one of the largest movement supplier of the world.

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Very rare NOS from 1970!
Polaris Hand Wind 19 Jewels - Chinese Export Quality Watches, New Old Stock
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Notes about my Polaris watches: