Watch for Sale: Orient SK Diver GOLD ca. 1985, Automatic, 21 Jewels
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Mysterious Bezel Markings explained
I took me quite a while to figure out the meaning of the numbers on the inner turning bezel 20M, 30 M, 35 M and 40 M in different colors. I knew it had to do something with non-decompression times as always on divers. Finally I found the solution with the help of some dive and no-decompression time tables on the web: The meaning of the markings are as follows:

   20 M    You can stay at 20 M depth during 45 to 60 minutes without decompression
   30 M    You can stay at 30 M depth during 30 to 45 minutes
   35 M    You can stay at 35 M depth during 15 to 30 minutes
   40 M    You can stay at 40 M depth during 0 to 15 minutes.

Example: Below is a picture assuming that you dove directly to the depth of 30 M and have set the    30 M    marker at 17:23 at the start of your dive. Now it is 17:25 and you can read the remaining time you can dive at 30 M without need for decompression, in the example shown, about 28 minutes left to 17:53 (00 Marker).

The current watch has now the Mercedes hands like found on this brown SK Diver below. Besides that, the watch is identical to the watch in the picture above. Since this watch has been depicted on the book Automatic Wristwatches (Pfeiffer press) the demand has far exceeded the scarce leftovers in the Hong Kong market... I am still trying to get some ... there still some around, but less and less.

Dimensions mm: THIS IS A BIG WATCH!

Case diameter ( 44
Height: 14.5
Lug to Lug: 48
Lug width: 22
Bracelet tapered 22 to 16 

Why I think this watch is interesting:
A rare Vintage Diver from the 80ies with a 21 Jewels automatic movement and an inner turning bezel with a very interesting color scheme. If you want a big and sturdy "everyday beater watch", this one is probably just right.
Just found a reputable vintage watch site that sells this watch for USD 195 ...

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the ORIENT overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
Original Orient Box with Japenese writings inside box like in picture, Open International Warranty with Dealer Stamp but not dated
Watch Description and Condition
: Top condition, no scratches, hairlines!
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