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Michel Jordi, Swiss Made
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Michel Jordi is a famous Swiss watch inventor. He became famous in Switzerland because of his CLIP watches, a watch that can be clipped to a bag, shirt, car dash board. After this very successful creation from the 80ies, he decided to go on his own and setup his own company. ETHNO looks were always his motive. The famous Swiss cow can be found on many of his watches. Also the Swiss flag or the flags of the 27 Swiss provinces are often present on his watches with a truly unique style. For the first time, Swiss tourist souvenir watches were available as high quality watches. He also had a line of Western style watches with models like Longhorn, Lone Rider etc. The company went into Chapter 11 in 2003 and thus Michel Jordi watches have become more collectible then ever. Please see my other Michel Jordi GMT Limited Edition in my private collection, this watch is not for sale, thank you.

SOLD OUT! No more stock
Limited Edition! #128/199
NOS 2-Tone "Swiss Ethno Chronograph" with Display Back with 18 K Pink Gold* outer bezel,
Swiss ETA/Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Caliber!
This is not a less expensive automatic movement with a piggy backed chronograph module. Ofrei.com sells the Caliber 7751 at almost USD 500, that is just for the movement! Add the pink gold bezel and you are already above the PMWC price! Nice gold colored rotor with "Michel Jordi" signature and the typical Swiss cow!

Sapphire Front and Back

30 m Water Resistant, nicely stitched Brown/Orange Strap with "Edelweiss" Embroideries


USD 749
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(plus eventual Insurance)

*18 Kt Gold Bezel - I tried in vane to find information that confirms this as 18K Gold but for a watch of this price level, Swiss watch companies do not normally use gold-plating. Also similar watches on the Michel Jordi website in a similar price level show the 2-Tone watches always in 18 K Gold. Thus I am almost 100% sure that this is a solid 18 K Pink Gold Bezel. Unfortunately the Ethno Chronograph is not on the Michel Jordi online site but please do go there and see the description of the higher tier Ethno watches and you will see that Michel Jordi uses in fact 18 K Gold on those 2-Tones. I had found a German online site that also described the Bezel as being 18 K Pink Gold thus I trust it is a safe assumption to say it is 18 K Gold.