Watch for Sale: NOS Limited Edition, Collection 1991, "Swiss Ethno Chrono"
Number 128/199
SOLD OUT, no more stock, sorry!

Why I think this watch is interesting:
This watch is unique limited edition from Michel Jordi. I received quite a few emails enquiring about my Michel Jordi GMT (from my private collection), thus I decided to add this watch to the sales site.
Michel Jordi is also the inventor of the famous (in Switzerland) "Clip" watch and is a very creative designer. This watch is definitely not mainstream and will attract looks. Michel Jordi watches are full of surprises:

  • Crown contains Swiss Flag under Glass

  • Engraved cows on case side

  • Luminous dot and cow on tachymeter bezel

  • "Edelweiss" embroidery on strap with signed "Michel Jordi" buckle

This watch is out of production and rare and collectible.

*Edelweiss is the Swiss Mountain Flower, it is kind of a "National" Alpine Flower and Edelweiss are used on many Swiss Souvenirs, a bit like a Trade Mark for the Tourist Country Switzerland. Edelweiss has always been a design element of Michel Jordi's so called "Ethno" Collection pieces.

Details about this Watch

Price: Is firm, my margins are very small, no additional discounts sorry. See the Michel Jordi overview table for the price please.
Watchbox and Papers
: Comes with original box and papers, international warranty is dated March 8th, 2003. There was no more user manual available for this watch as the shop obviously lost track of them after 12 years.

Watch Description and Condition
: Watch is NOS, new old stock and brand new in box, case back still contains original factory sticker. No hairlines, no scratches, condition is 100%, well let us say 99.95% under 10 x magnification you will see some almost invisble hairlines, that is normal for any thick gold-plated bezel or for any 18 K watch for that matter. They are however almost invisible, even with 10 x magnification.
Shipping, Packing and Refund Policy
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Dimensions (mm):
Case diameter ( and pushers): 38
Lug to Lug: 46
Height: 13
Lug width: 19
Strap tapered 19 to16 (also size of spring bar at buckle)

Great legibility of sub dials thanks to white hands on dark background

This photo shows the nice 3D dial, the sub dials and the logo are are recessed. The center part of the dial has a nice sunburst pattern. The elevated areas of the dial remind of the cross in the Swiss Flag, you have to tilt the head 45 degrees and then you will see that cross

The crown contains a Swiss Flag, those little impurities of the white cross are obviously from the molding of the flag into the glass, my Michel Jordi GMT (many photos there) from my private collection, shows the same imperfections which are of course not visible with the naked eye. Remember, this picture corresponds to a magnification of about factor 10!

Nice detail on case side, three cows, discretely engraved and not disturbing the picture of the watch but adding to its special note.

Bezel is 18 KT pink gold. Please read the footnote on the Michel Jordi Overview page

Nice inner bezel with minute markings, outer bezel is a tachymeter bezel with the typical "Michel Jordi" cow at the high speed area

Michel Jordi always pays attention to details, nice Edelweiss embroidery on the high quality strap with signed "Michel Jordi" buckle

Comes in nice original Michel Jordi box which looks a lot nicer in person, the black matte surface contains 4 lines of Michel Jordi printing which are not visible in the picture. You might guess where they are by looking to the right of the yellow writing

And here is the complete package, not in the picture is a soft cloth to clean the watch and a Xerox copy of the user instructions. The shop could not find any manuals for the watch anymore, even I asked them to check all drawers but a chronograph is not a terribly complicated watch to operate and the functions are very obvious. Crown out to position 1 sets the date, crown out in position 2 sets the time, crown in, winds the watch. Pusher at 2 starts and stops the watch and pusher at 4 resets the 12 hour chronograph. And this is already all there is to using it. Add the fact that you should never set the date of a mechanical watch while the time is between 10 PM and 4 AM and you are safe to use it.