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 Bergeon Tools - Swiss Made

Bergeon are the legendary standard for watchmaking and watch repair since decades!

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A clever MUST HAVE TOOL for every watch fanatic!

Opens all screwed Case Backs with
1) SLOTS OR NOTCHES (Ideal tool)
(rectangular cut outs, see the sample SEIKO below)
2)  ROUND HOLES (Ideal tool)
*Using the bits 3) and 4) or clamps as Bergeon calls them, requires experience. I do not recommend to use this tool for the options 3) and 4) because it is quite easy to slip and scratch the case back for us laymen.

Most screwed case backs manufactured today have rectangular cut-outs in the case back or slots, like the SEIKO below. And this tool is great for all these case backs. Probably over 80% of all screwed watch backs have slots today. Thus this tool will enable you to open 80% of all water resistant watches in the market today.

A typical SEIKO case back with display back with slots (thumbnail leads to this watch's sales page)

See this page if you want to see what is in my tool park :)

I own the JAXA which is very similar except for an additional handle. If I were to chose again,  would buy the 3 bit opener with one handle. Why? Well, one hand holds the watch or watch holder and the other hand holds the opener

This tool is considered the professionals preferred case back opener for screwed case backs! My watch tutor also owns this case back opener. As do many watch repairers around the globe! The legendary Bergeon quality will make sure, your children and grand children will be able to continue to play with your tools!

The tool pays for itself if you are now able to fix small problems and save shipping cost! WARNING! If you have no experience, you might actually LOSE money when trying to fix your watches yourself! But, the FUN you will have starting to do watch work and succeed is BIGGER then all the money in the world. This is NO BEGINNER TOOL, we had warned you :) The key to success is to hold this tool PERPENDICULARLY UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES! If you don't, you might slip and "engrave" your case back with ugly lines!

USD 129 only
+ USD 10 shipping & handling with registered airmail to most countries where postal services are reliable or
+ USD 25 with express shipping to the USA, other countries...

Promotion for PMWC Watch Customers*
  Only USD 119.00 plus USD 5 to the watch's shipping and handling
*Please note that these Bracelet Sizing tools can only be included in watch parcels sent out from Hong Kong. This covers ca. 90% of our watches. But not for some Orient models shipped out of Bangkok and for the SANDOZ Singapore watches.