Ventura v-matic Loga 7750 Chronograph

Case back opener?
As you can see, there are no notches nor grooves on this case back. I asked the sales lady what tool Ventura was using to open these case backs. Of course, this was a rhetoric question. I am quite sure, that one of the Bergeon special bits called "Suction Heads in Adipren No 5700 FL" will do the trick. The diameter of the case back is 35.5 mm and probably the largest bit being 34 mm of the Bergeon kit will fit. I will of course try only after the one year warranty is expired.
The pushers are big and operate with the usual stiffness (most welcome in my eyes) of a brand new Valjoux 7750. Only IWC seems to modify the pusher part of the 7750 Chronograph so that the initial stiffness of the pushers is reduced to a very nice click.