Ventura, Zurich, Switzerland

Ventura v-matic Loga Caliber ETA/Valjoux 7750, bought 2005
with inner slide ruler operated via knurled part of case
Front (Dimensions) Dial Other Side Pushers Bezel Back Movement
Comparison with IWC GST Chronograph
Ventura v-matic Loga Caliber ETA/Valjoux 7750, continued
Bracelet, all links Wrist Frontal Wrist 2 Wrist Side Clasp Super Luminova

Ventura - "design on time"

I had been looking at the v-matic Loga model since many years. I think I spotted the Loga maybe 8 years ago for the first time in Thailand. Ventura always had a small booth in a shopping mall formerly called "World Trade Center" and after the sad events of 911 renamed to "Central World Plaza". And I was always tempted to stop by and check out the different models. The high prices have delayed my decision to buy the watch. Last Monday however (May 2nd 2005) the temptation won over worries that the watch was beyond my budget. During 8 years, the MSRP had climbed from ca. THB 140'000 to MSRP 245'000. But thanks to Ventura celebrating "10 Years in Thailand", they offered substantial discounts.

I always wanted a slide ruler watch with easy to read and use scales. The slide ruler is protected under the sapphire glass and operated via the turning knurled top part of the case. In addition, this is my first 7750 with a "window". The surface hardened Titanium is called Titanox by Ventura and it might be a very similar nitrogen surface hardened Titanium as used in the IWC watches. Also the case to me looks like it could be from Schaffhausen. My wife's comment was "You already have an identical watch in your collection!" The IWC GST 7750 Chronograph looks indeed quite similar. The Titanium on the GST IWC has a shinier finish and also a slightly different color, under bright light it looks a bit golden or brownish whereas the Ventura is more blue and matte. On a side note: Schaffhausen is one of the early industrial centers of Switzerland and leading in metallurgy. Thanks to abundant water power (Rhinefall), heavy industry has settled early in Neuhausen near the city of Schaffhausen. Besides IWC, SIG (short for Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft) is the other prominent company with an excellent reputation for metallurgy.

A note regarding the pictures: as you can see from the background, my green A&F watchmaker work pad has different tones of green. I took the pictures late afternoon and then shot a second series with artificial light in the evening. I decided not to invest a lot of time to modify the pictures color-wise, those are the colors the Coolpix 995E from Nikon recorded. The photos are simply resized to 800 x 600 and JPEG compressed at a ratio of 40%.

*I put Zurich as the location of the brand, since Hannes Wettstein, the architect and designer works there. Adrian Frutiger, a world renowned photographer is also helping with Ventura designs.