Universal, Geneva, Switzerland
Website takes forever to load (July 2013)

Universal Chronograph with Lemania 1873 Handwind and 18K Bezel, Pushers and Buckle
Find a link to a relative of this caliber here
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Universal Polerouter Automatic Bumper Movement 138 SS, 17 Jewels
A gift from fellow PMWFer Jeremy D!
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Universal, what is the secret?
To be honest, I do not know! What amazed me is the fact that the Stelux Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong) who also owns the City Chain group (largest watch retailer in Asia, in number of sold watches, not in total value of sales) carries Universal watches. Also astonishing is the fact that contemporary Universal watches are often quite "wild" looking Quartz watches. There is a lot of guessing who is at the helm of this once great watch company right now. The website is under construction since years.
I was able to find the first Universal on this page in a City Chain shop in Hong Kong. It was on one of the lower shelves and was waiting to be taken out of that vitrine and into a good watch home. The Polerouter was a gift from a fellow PMWFer that had remembered my desire of getting one. Thank you very much Jeremy!

Update: the website is now loading and Universal offers a new collection of watches. But the mystery is not entirely solved. The website still has a link to Baselworld 2009 and also the latest news are from 2009.