URIKA, Japan

URIKA Gents Automatic Vintage ca. 1970
Caliber HAMAZAWA 5026A, 17 Jewels, handwinding but not hacking
Front Dial Crown Side Clasp Back Movement


URIKA Ladies Handwind Vintage, ca. 1970
Morioka Tokei Caliber 8024
Front Back Top 2 Back pictures Clasp Back Open Morioka Tokei
2 pictures
Original URIKA
Box, 2 pictures

Not much information is available about URIKA
It seemed that the brand produced watches in the 1970s. There is very little information about the URIKA brand on the internet. I found a couple of URIKA watches in the China town of Bangkok in 2004. I saved one of four gents models for my collection because of the unique movement. It seems that URIKA used cloned Orient movements in their watches.
And again for the unusual movement, I added the ladies' watch to my collection as well. The ladies watch houses a handwind
Morioka Tokei Caliber 8024 which is also not very common.