NOS Oyster Hand Wind ca. 1970

I do not normally sell watch from my private collection. But after a really long and mail exchange with a fellow US WIS, I decided to let this watch go. Main reason also here, the strap, I can not really wear leather straps in the Thai climate. It is just too hot outside for me and I tend to sweat a lot at temperatures around 32 to 39 degrees Celsius or  88 to 102 Fahrenheit all year around. And I really like the look of this Tudor on a brown strap, I could not imagine it on a Nylon or Kevlar strap, that is why I let it go. This was only the second watch from my private collection that left.

Mr. Man is the Man :-)
Jose led me to that great vintage shop in Hong Kong's Holiday Inn's basement shopping mall. Mr. Man has a very nice selection of vintage watches there. Rolexes, IWCs, too many brands in his shop to be listed here. I immediately fell in love with this vintage Tudor. The condition is superb, the case back does not show any scratches and the watch looked like NOS to me. Probably because it is a hand wind with screw-down crown? Of course a WIS loves to unscrew and wind a watch daily :-) And besides that, I always dreamed to own a vintage Rolex or Tudor. It is very hard to find one in a reasonable condition at a reasonable price plus there are so many fakes out there. But I guess I found a very nice sample here. Thank you Jose.