AOPOL Analog Quartz 30M, 10 FEBRUARY 2014
Japanese (?) Caliber SL68, Battery 377A

Battery removal: it took me a long time to decide how to take this battery out. I had a close look at its seating and was afraid that I would tear off the spring at 4:30 that presses the battery against the movement. I used the tools in the picture below and took the chance to remove some smudges on the top plate from the manufacturing process with a bit of Rodico on a toothpick. I am using a pair of number 3 brass tweezers that I occasionally file down to number two tips. I held the movement in place with the peg wood with my left hand. I positioned the tweezers at the position "3" of the "377A" battery marking and gently wiggled the battery out.

AOPOL Analog Quartz 30M water resistant
Never mind the rating on the dial. Luminosity of the hour and minute hand is excellent. Second hand and hour markers are less luminous with little after glow. The o-ring was not greased from the factory. The bezel is unidirectional however it is slightly deformed from sitting in the shop for quite a while. The clicking action is very good from 0 to 40 but then the bezel slides to the remaining 20 clicks.
I found the watch at a tiny Chinese street shop at Suan Plu Road in my neighborhood. The shop owner also does watch repairs. The price was THB 150 or USD 4.63.