Timex, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Little Rock is best known for being Clinton's town. Interestingly Bill's golf buddy Bill Gates also wore a Timex often ;)

The Aqua (division of Timex) is on a separate page

First Indiglo* 1993, bought in Prague
 Movement TMX (TIMEX) M643-3
Front  Close-up  Side Back Newer Back
i-Control Alarm, ca. 2001
Unmarked TIMEX Caliber, factory battery Energizer CR2016
Front Dial "The Operating Manual" Top Case Side Finish? Unfinished lugs Fingerprints
 from the factory!
Movt: not
Wrist and
Summary statement
IRONMAN Triathlon T77711
TIMEX Caliber M746/3-1, factory battery CF2016 (CR 2016
Front  Button View Side View Back Movement M746 Wrist

"Campmor"** Quartz Chronograph
Caliber Miyota (Citizen) OS10, Renata 395 or Maxell SR927SW
Front Front 2 Front 3 Dial Zoom Back Inner Case Back Movement Wrist daylight Dial daylight
Please see the pictures series "Arrival of a True "Poor" Man's Watch" for many more pictures including the bracelet resizing


EXPEDITION Series: Perpetual Calendar T45531 (Timex Model Nr) with Gun Metal Finish
Movement is most likely a Pforzheim in-house modification of a Miyota movement
Update: I replaced the CR2016 battery in April 2014. This was a tough job for an amateur like myself. Since the replacing of the plate that holds the battery in place was so tough
I completely forgot to take pictures of the movement. The battery retaining metal shield makes contact at several positions and one needs to check really carefully that it sits correctly
Front  Bezel My most accurate
Quartz watch!
Side View Box and Papers "One Hand" 10:10:32 4 Years later...
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*Indiglo: TIMEX is the inventor of the electro-luminescent backlight, also called EL Backlight that today is the standard for battery watch dial illumination. In 1993, this was a sensational new way to light up a watch dial
*"Campmor" is an outdoors online shop that had once offered these Timex OS 10 chronographs at a considerable discount. Thus the name "Campmor" Chronograph for this Timex