i-Control Alarm

The bracelet is quite thick and has so called folded links
It is certainly not a top bracelet, comparable with a Seiko 5 bracelet maybe. What you can see - there is a close-up of this view too - is that the case is full of different finishes. the front of the case is what could call brushed. The same style of brush is found on the <> portions of the outer bezel. However the case side has a very strange finish. It looks like a child used a steel brush, the brush lines are coarse and irregular, in vertical distance and alignment. It really looks like hand made (which I doubt it is). I have never seen such a case side finish. It seems like a wobbling steel brush gives the case side the last touch, because to call this finish is a slight exaggeration. This and the finish of the lugs and case on the back are probably the negative aspects of this otherwise great watch. In comparison, the "Campmor" Quartz OS 10 chronograph has a much better finish and a much better bracelet at around the same MSRP of USD 80. Obviously a lot more money went into the development of the TIMEX caliber iControl and the pretty heavy advertising of it.
I must admit that I have not seen a late iControl in flesh. This is probably one of the very early versions. Maybe later versions have a better finish.