i-Control Alarm

This case is semi-finished!

This watch is really not very well finished. It is quite a pity because it is such a brilliant electrical alarm watch. I doubt that I got a lemon here, it seems that this very unsatisfactory finish is the problem of the case supplier for this particular model. I am sure TIMEX like other brands change their suppliers, not only to better distribute the risk of being dependent, but also for load sharing. Timex produces a huge amount of wrist watches and is according to the International Watch Magazine (issue 08/06) the 5th or 6th largest watch producer in the world.

I certainly do not mean to bash Timex here, but if you look at the well finished case back of the "Campmor" Quartz chronograph, you have some real troubles believing that both watches come from the same brand at ca. the same MSRP. The "Campmor" case and bracelet is also China Made, however this case and bracelet deserve the word "finish".